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Private Equity

Assisting In Your Asset's Success

As the private equity market has continually strengthened, greater opportunities to invest in innovative companies have come about. With advancements in technology merging with industries like medicine, finance, and education, Private Equity firms have the chance to invest funds in highly promising companies. If your firm is like most, you have a set of criteria that you refer to when considering an investment, often driven by a target industry that you are most comfortable and familiar with.

G-Squared Partners’ experience spans multiple verticals, with expertise in each area. With every engagement, regardless of the industry or investment, our goal is to help leadership understand their numbers and how to drive growth. Every engagement is tailored to best suit the needs of the individual company, but there are a few key practices that we make standard.

  • Comprehensive reporting and filings, that are always audit ready. In the emerging growth sector, anything can happen, and we believe a company’s finances should be ready for anything.
  • Strategic management and guidance. We break down the numbers and look at the big picture. We also take the time to learn about he intricacies of each company, in order to pinpoint areas that can be improved to drive growth.
  • Detailed financials for all Board decks. We make sure to provide all of the information that the Board will need to know in order to provide guidance and support to the companies and leaders they’ve invested in.
  • Key CEO support. Our teams make sure to provide advice and guidance to CEO’s in order to better prepare them to navigate the challenges that they may face. From re-structuring the billing process to improve cash flow, to guiding them through how to deliver less than positive news to their investors, we strive to be the first call a CEO makes when something goes right and when something goes wrong.

Your investment is worth protecting, and providing strong support and guidance will do just that. Our unique model provides companies with an entire finance team, when and how you need it. We create value by giving access to all the finance resources a company needs, at a fraction of the costs associated with comparable internal hires.

If you’ve invested in a company and leadership that would benefit from strategic finance and accounting, let us show you all the ways that we can help.


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