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    How Can Your Business Use an Outsourced CFO?

    Companies outsource many functions in today’s economy, including accounting, payroll, IT, and marketing, among others, but many business...

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    What Makes a Good CFO in Challenging Times? [4 Questions to Consider]

    In the COVID-19 world, companies need someone in the role of Chief Financial Officer who brings more than a knack for financial analysis to...

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    What Are Outsourced CFO Services, and Why Do So Many Businesses Use Them?

    There are multiple scenarios where outsourcing the “CFO” function can be the best way to address the challenges that many entrepreneurs and...

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    CityBizList Interviews G-Squared CEO, Gene S. Godick

    A little while back, I was asked to be interviewed by Edwin Warfield for citybizlist. I had a wonderful time talking about G-Squared and how...

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    Outsourced Business Services: 4 Reasons To Invest

    Far too often, business leaders become swamped with tasks that do not align with their role. If this sounds all too familiar, you should...

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