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No Matter What Industry Your Business Operates In

Rely On An Outsourced Finance And Accounting Service Provider That Has Seen It All 

Every business and industry is different, but they all have financial and accounting needs. Whether your business is developing software or providing legal services, your financial needs impact how your business develops and grows. If you are looking for an outsourced financial services partner, you want one that has knowledge of your business and the industry it is a part of. G-Squared Partners has ample experience serving businesses in a wide range of industries.


Cutting-edge software developers live and dream in the cloud. Whether the business is software-as-a-service (SaaS) or premise-based, software businesses have complex accounting needs. Your business may require assistance with appropriate revenue recognition, as well as understanding the key metrics that drive your business and are reported to investors.

clean-tech-gsquared.jpgClean Tech

The clean tech industry is geared to optimize performance while reducing waste. It's natural to take a similar approach to accounting – by exploring the services of a part-time, outsourced accounting team. Your business may require assistance with appropriate revenue recognition, special financial analysis and advice on how to finance your R&D activities.

gsquared-industry-manufacturing-distribution.jpgManufacturing and Distribution

As a manufacturer or distributor, you are a master of intricacy and an orchestrator of complexity. Faced with convoluted timelines, an interconnected web of subcontractors and regulatory oversight, your business is in need of appropriate revenue recognition, cash flow management and special financial analysis.

gsquared-industries-medical-1024x682.jpgMedical Services

As a professional in the medical industry, you take care of others while the health of your business requires mastery of complicated billing and payment processes. Whether focused on general medicine, specialty services such as plastic surgery, outpatient surgery or alternative health, you need appropriate revenue recognition, cash flow management, billing follow up and special financial analysis.

Your laser-like focus helps clients achieve their objectives. As an expert in a domain, such as law, you have honed your skills with years of specialized experience. When it comes to the financials of your business, why wouldn’t you make an investment in people who have done the same? Your business requires mastery of complicated billing and payment processes, appropriate revenue recognition, cash flow management, billing follow up and strategic financial analysis.

Learn More

  • Specialized Tax Credits (where applicable)
  • Raising Funds From Equity Sources
  • Deal Structuring
  • Financial Modeling Including Projections And Forecasts
  • Development And Reporting Of KPIs
  • Board Of Director Presentations
  • Investor Relations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting And Revenue Recognition Advice
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Profitability, Cost Reduction And Variance Analysis
  • Month-End Close Management
  • Quarterly And Annual Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Debt And Collection Process Advice
  • Contract Negotiation Assistance

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  • Finance and Accounting
  • Budgeting And Forecasting
  • Financing
  • Mergers And Acquisitions

G-Squared Partners is our 'go-to' firm for part time CFO services. G-Squared provides value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying key performance indicators and getting significant transactions completed.

– N. Lentz, Osage Venture Partners