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Prevent Your Business From Stalling

With Financing Guidance And Support

As a start-up or emerging growth company, one of your biggest drivers of success is financing. Whether you are reliant on a bank loan, investors or a capital raise, the right financing is going to give your business a strong start or determine your ability to scale with your growth aspirations.

When it comes to determining what your finance options are and which option is right for your business, is not an easy task. So, when the time comes to make such a critical decision, rely on the advice and guidance of an experienced financial partner.

When you need to raise funds for your business, your experienced financial partner can provide you with invaluable support through…

  • Introductions to angel investors, venture capital firms and other equity investors
  • Assistance with the preparation of "pitch" and financial modeling
  • Advice on meeting potential investors' expectations
  • Financial modeling
  • Deal structuring and negotiation
  • Business plan critique

To find out how G-Squared Partners, LLC can help you secure the financing your business needs, schedule your free consultation today.

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We ensure that your financials are analyzed, understood and organized in a way that helps you run your business better.

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G-Squared Partners is our 'go-to' firm for part time CFO services. G-Squared provides value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying key performance indicators and getting significant transactions completed.

– N. Lentz, Osage Venture Partners