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Finance And Accounting

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To Support Your Business Growth And Development

At the rapid pace of business today, it can be complicated and frustrating to manage the end-to-end financial process. It can also be cost prohibitive to staff your business to manage all of you financial and accounting needs.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a solution customized to meet all of your finance and accounting needs. The service begins with your business financials being cleaned up and squared away. Going beyond a basic understanding of the drivers of your business, this service provides the ability to better articulate your strategy to a board of directors, report performance to the bank or a group of sophisticated institutional investors and inspire your employees to drive growth.

Your outsourced financial partner will ensure that your financials are analyzed, understood and organized in a way that helps you run your business better. With access to a part-time CFO, Controller, accountant and/or bookkeeper, everything from basic journal entries to complex financial growth modeling are taken care of for you. Going behind the numbers to assess historical performance, analyze the capital structure and building financial forecasts work to better predict your company’s future.

When you understand the drivers of cash flow, know the profitability of each of your lines of business and can articulate it effortlessly - you’ll feel that you are running the business – and the business is not running you.

Find out how your business can benefit from outsourced finance and accounting services. Schedule your free Business Process Outsourcing consultation today.

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We ensure that your financials are analyzed, understood and organized in a way that helps you run your business better.

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G-Squared Partners is our 'go-to' firm for part time CFO services. G-Squared provides value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying key performance indicators and getting significant transactions completed.

– N. Lentz, Osage Venture Partners