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Business Exit Planning Consultants

G-Squared Partners is your trusted Business Exit Planning Advisor

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The sale of your business is the single biggest transaction of your life. Maximize your returns by getting expert guidance from a team that’s already led more than 50 successful M&A transactions.


Navigating the path to a successful business exit requires foresight, strategy, and expert guidance. Our team of experienced advisors brings a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and personalized attention to each engagement.

Whether you're considering a sale, merger, or succession, G-Squared Partners is here to guide you through the accounting and financial aspects of preparing for your exit, ensuring that you make informed decisions that maximize your financial returns.

We can help your firm achieve its financial goals.

Business Exit Planning Consulting Services: What to Expect

No two deals are the same. That’s why we provide a fully customizable range of sale readiness services, tailored to the needs of your business and transaction. 


Historical Financial Statement Clean-Up

When preparing for a business exit, one of the most critical steps you can take is ensuring that your historical financial statements are accurate, organized, and reflective of your company's true financial health. Ensure that you easily pass due diligence by having the team at G-Squared Partners make sure your financial statements are properly organized. 

Historical financial statement clean-up involves a thorough review and revision of your company's past financial records. 

We will meticulously comb through balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and other financial documents to identify and correct inaccuracies, inconsistencies, or any entries that may not comply with applicable accounting standards. This can include adjusting for one-time expenses, rectifying misclassified assets or liabilities, and ensuring revenue recognition practices are in line with industry norms.

The benefits of this service extend beyond mere compliance. By presenting a clear, accurate picture of your financial history, you make your business more attractive to potential buyers. Clean, well-organized financial statements are a hallmark of a well-managed company and can significantly enhance your bargaining power during the exit process.


Work with Buyer’s Auditors

_P4A5376-1We understand that navigating the complexities of a business sale involves not just preparing your own financials, but also smoothly interfacing with the buyer's auditors. Our role in facilitating this critical interaction is pivotal to ensuring a seamless transaction process. 

When buyers conduct their due diligence, they'll deploy auditors to scrutinize your financial statements and business operations meticulously. 

G-Squared Partners acts as a liaison, ensuring that these auditors have access to the necessary documents and insights to conduct their review efficiently. Our expertise in dealing with buyer’s auditors stems from our comprehensive understanding of what they look for, the common pitfalls in financial reporting, and how to present your financials in a transparent and compliant manner. We preemptively address potential queries and concerns, streamlining the audit process and minimizing any delays in the transaction. 

This proactive approach not only facilitates a smoother due diligence process but also builds trust between you and the buyer, a crucial component in successful negotiations.

Our goal is to make the process of working with buyer’s auditors as straightforward and stress-free as possible, paving the way for a successful and timely closure of your business sale.


Create Business Forecast

A well-crafted business forecast is critical in the context of business exit planning. Displaying a robust business forecast demonstrates the future potential of your business and significantly enhances its attractiveness to potential buyers.

Our advisory services include the development of detailed, realistic business forecasts that reflect both the current market trends and the unique strengths of your company. Creating an accurate business forecast requires a deep understanding of your business's operational dynamics, industry trends, and potential growth opportunities. 

Our team collaborates closely with you to gather the necessary data and insights, employing sophisticated modeling techniques to project future revenues, expenses, and cash flows. These forecasts are tailored to highlight the strategic value of your business, showcasing its growth potential and resilience in the face of market uncertainties.

This forward-looking perspective is vital for potential buyers, providing them with a clear vision of what the business is capable of achieving post-acquisition. A compelling business forecast instills confidence in the financial health and prospects of your company and can be a powerful negotiating tool, potentially increasing the valuation of your business.


Assist with and Review a Memorandum

_P4A5345-1Assisting with and reviewing a memorandum is critical to ensure our clients are perfectly positioned for a successful business exit. 

A well-crafted memorandum, or "book," is pivotal in presenting your business to potential buyers, encapsulating the essence, achievements, and potential of your company in a concise and compelling manner.

Our team of experts works closely with you to draft this crucial document, ensuring it accurately reflects the financial health, market position, unique value proposition, and future growth opportunities of your business. We meticulously review and refine each section, from financial summaries to strategic opportunities, making sure that the memorandum resonates with the target audience and adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and clarity.

At G-Squared Partners, our goal is to make your business stand out in the competitive market, leveraging our expertise to craft a memorandum that paves the way for a successful exit.


Data Room Creation

Creating a data room is a fundamental step in preparing for due diligence, offering potential buyers a centralized repository of important documents related to your business. 

Our service in this area ensures that your data room is a strategically organized, secure, and easily navigable platform that enhances the due diligence process for all parties involved.

Our team assists in the meticulous gathering, categorization, and digitization of essential documents, including financial records, legal contracts, operational data, and intellectual property documentation. We prioritize confidentiality and security, implementing robust access controls and encryption to protect sensitive information. 

By ensuring that your data room is comprehensive and well-structured, we help minimize queries and streamline the review process for potential buyers.

The creation of a data room with G-Squared Partners goes beyond organization; it's about presenting your business in the most transparent and accessible way possible. This facilitates a smoother due diligence process and builds trust with potential buyers, significantly contributing to the success of your business exit strategy. 

Our expertise in data room creation is a testament to our commitment to supporting our clients through every step of the exit planning process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction.


Lead Financial Due Diligence with Buyer

_P4A5425-1At G-Squared Partners, leading the financial due diligence process with potential buyers stands as a cornerstone of our advisory services. 

This critical phase in the business exit strategy not only underscores the financial health and viability of your company but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and momentum of the negotiation process. 

Our team takes the helm in orchestrating this intricate process, meticulously preparing all necessary financial documents and reports for review. We engage directly with the buyer's due diligence team, facilitating open lines of communication and providing detailed explanations and documentation for all financial aspects of your business. 

From historical financial statements to forecasts and projections, we ensure that every piece of financial data is accurately presented and backed by solid documentation.

Leading financial due diligence involves more than just presenting numbers; it's about telling the story of your business through its financial performance and potential. We work closely with you to highlight the strengths and address any concerns proactively, minimizing surprises that could disrupt the deal.


Compile Required Schedules

This crucial step involves the detailed organization and preparation of all necessary financial schedules that support the underlying financial statements. Our team expertly gathers, analyzes, and assembles these schedules, which can range from detailed listings of assets and liabilities to schedules of revenue by product line or customer.

The meticulous compilation of these schedules is essential for providing potential buyers or auditors with a transparent, comprehensive view of the financial health and operations of your business. It not only aids in the due diligence process but also enhances the credibility of your financial reporting, making your business more attractive to potential investors or buyers.

Our approach ensures that each schedule is prepared with precision and aligns with relevant accounting standards, highlighting the thoroughness and accuracy of your financial records.


Waterfall Analysis

_P4A5386-1Waterfall Analysis is designed to demystify the distribution of proceeds following a business sale, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved. 

This analysis is crucial for understanding exactly how much money each owner or investor will receive from the exit, taking into account the various classes of ownership and any preferential returns or contractual agreements in place.

Our team conducts a comprehensive examination of the company's capital structure and existing agreements to model the distribution of sale proceeds accurately. This involves a detailed assessment of shareholder agreements, investment terms, and any other relevant financial arrangements that influence how proceeds are allocated among stakeholders.

The Waterfall Analysis provides a clear, transparent breakdown of the financial outcomes for all parties involved, ensuring there are no surprises post-sale. It helps in setting realistic expectations and can be a vital tool in negotiations and decision-making leading up to the sale. 

By meticulously calculating the distribution of funds, we help you navigate the complexities of the exit process, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and aligned with the financial aspects of the transaction.


Liaise With Attorneys & Tax Advisors

We go beyond traditional advisory services by acting as a crucial liaison between our clients and a network of specialized legal and tax professionals. Understanding that a successful business exit encompasses more than just financial considerations, we assist in assembling a comprehensive team of experts tailored to your specific needs. 

Our extensive network includes seasoned corporate lawyers, tax advisors, and other vital professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of business exits.

We can help you identify the right experts and facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across your advisory team. This ensures that all legal and tax-related aspects of the exit strategy are meticulously planned and executed, minimizing potential risks and liabilities. 

Whether you need guidance on structuring the deal to optimize tax outcomes, navigating complex legal regulations, or ensuring compliance with all contractual obligations, we have the connections and expertise to support you.

By liaising with attorneys and tax advisors on your behalf, G-Squared Partners ensures that every facet of your exit strategy is covered by the best in the field. This integrated approach streamlines the exit process and positions you to achieve the most favorable outcome possible, safeguarding the value you’ve built in your business and ensuring a smooth transition to the next chapter.

A Tried-And-Tested Approach

Selling your business isn’t easy. It’s a stressful period full of uncertainty and distractions. 

Keep your focus on the day-to-day and work toward a life-changing financial outcome with the skills and guidance of G-Squared Partners’ experienced Sale Readiness team.


Strategic Advisory

Whether you’re retiring, joining forces with a competitor, or executing a planned exit strategy, we’ll help you create a plan that ensures you realize your financial goals.

Cash Flow Planning

Compiling Financial Information

Prepare for success by collating, organizing, and presenting all the financial information you need to display to potential buyers. Together, we’ll clean up your books, build a long-term forecast, and help you understand your options.

finance team

Navigating Financial Due Diligence

The due diligence process can be lengthy and intrusive. With your trusted advisors in your corner, you can keep your focus squarely on running the business, safe in the knowledge our advisors are making every effort to streamline the process.

Business and Financial Resources

A "Go-To Firm for Outsourced CFO Services"


G-Squared Partners is our go-to firm for part-time CFO services. They provide value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities, including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying KPIs and getting significant transactions completed.

Osage Venture Partners

A "True Partner and Extension to Our Team"


G-Squared is more than the outsourced financial services they provide to our organization. They continually work with us to align our strategic vision with the goals of the organization via deep industry expertise; a strong understanding of where markets are trending; and multifaceted experience in diverse industries. On more than one occasion, their forward-leaning guidance, as market conditions evolve, has avoided the pitfalls that have befallen our competitors. Partnership and results-driven outcomes are the cornerstones of our track record together.

David Stefanich, Founder/CEO

Learn about the business exit planning advisory services G-Squared Partners has used to help more than 50 successful M&A transactions

Embarking on the journey of exiting your business is a significant milestone, filled with opportunities and challenges. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to address every aspect of your exit planning needs.

At G-Squared Partners, we understand the complexities involved in this critical transition and are dedicated to ensuring your exit is as smooth and rewarding as possible. Let us help you navigate the complexities of business exit planning with confidence and clarity.

Contact us today to begin the conversation about your future and how we can advise you during a successful business exit. If you would like to read more about how to prepare for a successful business exit, check out our comprehensive guide.

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