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Need a survival plan?

Perhaps your sales dropped or your market shifted. Maybe your biggest client just dumped you. Whatever issues you face, you know you must generate cash to maintain your commitments to lenders and achieve profit in the long term so you and your investors can realize a return on investment.

G-Squared can help you understand the financial side of your operations and devise a clear, measurable strategy to position you to generate cash and turn a profit.

We’ve worked with many small companies and understand their business life cycle and need for a solid, well-polished financial infrastructure. Our team begins with a profit margin analysis, profitability by customer and product line, and then develops work-through solutions to help solve your problems. Through financial modeling, we determine probable outcomes and ultimately implement the strategy promising the greatest impact.

Depending on your needs, our profit improvement process (PIP) can be broad-based, focusing on all areas that impact profitability, or can concentrate on a single area that holds an opportunity for improvement. We also work with you to develop your implementation plan.

No matter what your project scope, the outcome is the same: increased profit performance and improved cash flow.

Our turnaround management services are designed to drive positive change and get you back on track.

Whether you need to optimize value in a troubling situation, capitalize on an opportunity, increase margins, manage liquidity or deal with a lender, our team puts strategies in place that produce tangible results.

We’re cognizant of your various stakeholder interests and guide you in setting priorities and developing timelines to achieve your financial goals.

From start to finish, we’re with you in facing your company in a new direction.

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Turnaround Management Services


We offer an array of turnaround management strategies to ensure your firm is financially fit—an essential component to profitability. Because mainly small companies hire us for profit improvement and turnaround management, we price our turnaround management services to align with your budget.

Board Packages & Attendance


Cash Flow Forecasting & Management

Creditor Negotiations

Customer Profitability 

Expense Review

Financial Modeling

Human Capital Review

Lender/Bank Negotiations

Margin Analysis


Process Analysis & Improvement

Product/Service Line Profitability

Scorecard Analysis 


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