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How To Attract Business Investors Seeking The Next Emerging Growth Company

There’s no doubt about it: Today’s business investors are on the prowl for new opportunities with emerging growth companies. If you’re in need of financial backing to achieve a highly profitable business, you need these investors to be looking your way. But...

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Sales Growth Vs. Profitability: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

At some point in your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll come to a crossroads and face the daunting decision between focusing on sales growth or pursuing profitability. Both of these outcomes are highly valuable for a business. Owners and corporate executives...

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When Is the Right Time for Your Company to Get an Audit?

Many companies contract the services of a public accounting firm to audit their financials. While audits can be expensive and time-consuming, they are sometimes a necessary undertaking for the business. But, how do you know if you fall into this category?...

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5 Secret Business Benefits To Practicing Proper Daily Accounting

As you work tirelessly to manage your operations, develop your product or service, attract new business, pursue your long-term vision and handle the everyday responsibilities that come with running a company, it’s easy to let your accounting needs fall to...

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Your Company Accounting Practices: 9 Questions to Ask

"The ability to ask the right question is more than half the battle of finding the answer.” – Thomas J. Watson, former chairman & CEO of IBM 

Let’s be honest – accounting is not a topic most people would choose as a conversation-starter. But accounting is...

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Drive Business Growth by Developing a Business Budget

Whether you've just decided to start your business or you've been up and running for some time, you know that your budget is integral to everything you do. There won't be a single decision you make that won't be influenced by your business budget.  Knowing...

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6 Common Mistakes Startups Make In The First Six Months of Business

Starting a business is not easy. There are so many decisions to make and complex challenges to overcome. That is why many entrepreneurs make mistakes in the first few months of operations.  Explore six of the most common mistakes startups make and learn...

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Risk Management for M&A: Key Metrics for Financial Due Diligence

"Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” – Warren Buffet

When valuing a business, public or private, large or small, investors look for value-creating potential along with the types and magnitude of risks that could reduce that value. In fact, ...

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10 Financial Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

"It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin

What a year. All of the (family-friendly) adjectives we might use to describe 2020 seem inadequate. Few people were sorry to...

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Working Capital Management : How to Stay in the Goldilocks Zone

Any study of failed businesses would include a large section about companies that succumbed to problems related to working capital. Although perhaps not a topic that is as likely to provoke lively discussions as product design or marketing campaigns,...

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