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    How to Evaluate a Buyout Offer [7 Rules to Follow]

    Imagine someone calls and says, “We may be interested in buying your business.” What do you do? You might have been thinking about the...

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    How To Attract Business Investors Seeking The Next Emerging Growth Company

    There’s no doubt about it: Today’s business investors are on the prowl for new opportunities with emerging growth companies. If you’re in need...

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    Risk Management for M&A: Key Metrics for Financial Due Diligence

    When valuing a business, public or private, large or small, investors look for value-creating potential along with the types and magnitude of...

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    How to Sell My Business: 10-Step Guide

    Have you ever asked yourself, “Is now a good time to sell my business?"Despite uncertainties in many areas, it is a serious question. And the...

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