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Experienced Fractional CFO Services

Build a winning strategy and make better decisions with strategic financial leadership

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The team at G-Squared Partners has acted as Fractional CFOs to hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries. We know that small-to-mid-sized businesses, startups, and growth-stage companies face different challenges when navigating financial and accounting questions without the resources to employ a full-time CFO. 

That's where our Fractional CFO Services come into play. At G-Squared Partners, we provide the strategic financial guidance and expertise you need to drive your business forward, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Our team of seasoned Fractional CFOs brings a wealth of knowledge and experience tailored to meet your business's unique needs. Whether you're looking to refine financial strategies, enhance operational efficiency, or secure new funding, our services are designed to provide comprehensive support. 

With G-Squared Partners, you gain access to top-tier accounting and finance professionals who are committed to your success, offering flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your business. Let us help you unlock your company's full potential by leveraging our financial expertise, strategic insight, and operational guidance.

What is a Fractional CFO?

A Fractional CFO is a highly experienced financial executive who provides strategic financial consulting to businesses on a part-time or project basis. By aligning financial strategy with business goals, a Fractional CFO supports sustainable growth, improves profitability, and increases the overall value of the business.

The role of a Fractional CFO goes beyond traditional accounting and bookkeeping. They bring a strategic perspective, offering insights into financial planning, cash flow management, fundraising, budgeting, and financial forecasting. They help navigate complex financial events, such as mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies, and capital structure optimization. 

Employing a Fractional CFO offers the flexibility to scale financial oversight up or down based on the company's needs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to leverage financial expertise to enhance decision-making, secure investment, or navigate periods of transition without the overhead of a full-time executive salary.


What to Expect From Our Fractional CFO Services

At G-Squared Partners, our team provides a full suite of outsourced CFO services. Every engagement is customizable to the needs of your business. You’ll get everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your Fractional CFO needs:


Cash Flow Forecasting & Management

Cash Flow Forecasting & Management empowers your business with detailed insights into your cash flow, enabling strategic decision-making and financial stability. By analyzing your operational needs and financial trends, we provide actionable strategies to improve cash flow, ensuring you have the resources needed for growth and investment at your fingertips.


New Debt Financing

New Debt Financing is designed to help your business secure the necessary capital to fuel growth and expansion through carefully structured debt solutions. We navigate the complexities of loan negotiations, leveraging our relationships with lenders to secure favorable terms that align with your financial strategy and business goals.


Bank Packages

Bank Packages prepared by G-Squared Partners consist of meticulously prepared financial documentation and presentations, tailored to meet the specific requirements of banks and financial institutions. This service enhances your credibility and streamlines the process of securing loans or lines of credit, ensuring your business's financial needs are met with optimal terms and conditions.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence offers a thorough examination and analysis of financial records and business operations to mitigate risks and ensure informed decision-making during mergers, acquisitions, or investments. We provide comprehensive insights and uncover potential issues, enabling you to proceed with confidence and strategic foresight in your business transactions.


Obtaining 409 A Valuations

The team at G-Squared Partners is experienced at obtaining 409A Valuations and can deliver accurate and IRS-compliant valuation assessments for your company's stock options. This service is essential for startups and private companies looking to offer equity compensation to employees. We guide you through the valuation process, ensuring that your stock compensation plans meet regulatory requirements while optimizing your financial and tax strategies.


Board Packages & Attendance

Board Packages & Attendance ensures that you have comprehensive, meticulously prepared financial reports and strategic insights for board meetings, enhancing decision-making and governance practices. By attending these meetings, we offer direct support and expert financial advice, facilitating informed discussions and strategic planning aligned with your company's goals and objectives.


Equity Fundraising Support

Equity Fundraising Support provides strategic guidance and comprehensive preparation for businesses seeking to raise capital through equity financing. We assist in crafting compelling investment pitches, financial modeling, and navigating the complex landscape of investor negotiations, ensuring you secure funding under the best possible terms to fuel your company's growth and success.


Process Analysis & Improvement

Process Analysis & Improvement systematically evaluates your business's operational and financial processes to identify efficiency gains and areas for enhancement. By implementing targeted improvements, we optimize workflows and financial management practices, driving productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing overall business performance.


Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting equips your business with detailed, forward-looking financial models and budgets that align with your strategic goals. Through meticulous analysis and planning, we enable you to anticipate future financial scenarios, manage resources effectively, and make informed decisions to drive sustainable growth and profitability.


Financial Statement Preparation

Our Financial Statement Preparation service ensures that your business's financial statements are accurate, comprehensive, and compliant with accounting standards. By meticulously compiling and reviewing your financial data, we provide clear insights into your financial performance, empowering you with the information needed to make strategic decisions and build investor confidence.


Cap Table Maintenance

Cap Table Maintenance ensures the accurate and up-to-date management of your company's capitalization table, a crucial aspect of any equity-based financing or employee stock option plan. By meticulously tracking shares, valuations, and ownership percentages, we provide the clarity and precision needed for effective decision-making and investor relations, supporting your business's growth and equity management strategy.


Metric/KPI Selection & Monitoring

Metric/KPI Selection & Monitoring empowers your business by identifying and tracking the most critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with your strategic goals. This tailored approach ensures you have the insights and data needed to measure performance effectively, make informed decisions, and drive continuous improvement across all aspects of your organization.

What are the results of working with a Fractional CFO?

Outsourced CFOs bridge the gap between finance and management, giving your leaders unparalleled financial insights that help them allocate resources more effectively, make smarter decisions, and build for a better future.


Reduce Costs

Access the experienced financial leadership a CFO brings at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time executive.


Realize Efficiencies

Our services scale up or down with the needs of your business, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.


Improve Processes

Build the financial infrastructure and processes required to handle sustained growth at scale.


Proven Expertise

Our team brings a track record of success, with experience in every element of financial leadership.


Gain Peace of Mind

What you need, when you need it. Outsourced CFOs provide the insights and assurance needed to lead.


Confidence to Scale

Get guidance from experienced financial leaders who know how to navigate common growth challenges.

A "Go-To Firm for Outsourced CFO Services"


G-Squared Partners is our go-to firm for part-time CFO services. They provide value beyond the classic CFO responsibilities, including participating in strategy sessions, obtaining financing, identifying KPIs and getting significant transactions completed.

Osage Venture Partners

A "True Partner and Extension to Our Team"


G-Squared is more than the outsourced financial services they provide to our organization. They continually work with us to align our strategic vision with the goals of the organization via deep industry expertise; a strong understanding of where markets are trending; and multifaceted experience in diverse industries. On more than one occasion, their forward-leaning guidance, as market conditions evolve, has avoided the pitfalls that have befallen our competitors. Partnership and results-driven outcomes are the cornerstones of our track record together.

David Stefanich, Founder/CEO


A Partner with Nationwide Reach

G-Squared Partners is equipped to support your business's financial needs, wherever you're based.

From Silicon Valley to New York City, our outsourced financial experts are here to help. 

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