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Outsourced Financial Services to save money and time. 

As a startup ourselves, G-Squared knows all too well that building a business demands more time than you have. You’re expending your energy in countless directions, sometimes spreading yourself too thin. Finance is one area, however, where you can’t afford to do so.

We help startups accelerate growth, achieve business goals and meet challenges.

Whether your goal is to secure the next round of funding, sell your company or generate profit, we have a team of heavy hitters whose services you can scale up and down based on your needs or whose talent you can utilize to full capacity.

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We're your finance team in a box that thinks well beyond the box.

The G-Squared team brings insight and expertise to you at a fraction of the costs associated with comparable internal hires. z

After all, there’s logic in paying for resources only when you need them.

CFO/Managing Director

This leader provides top-tier finance, accounting, business and operational strategy and guidance—whether you need an interim, part-time or project CFO.

VP of Finance/Controller/Director

This expert oversees all accounting functions and ensures the highest quality and compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Senior Accountant/Senior Associate

This seasoned individual is responsible for high-level, day-to-day and monthly accounting functions.

Staff Accountant/Associate

This professional handles standard day-to-day and monthly accounting functions.


This professional assists the staff accountant/associate with your AP/AR/payroll daily functions.

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eBook: Financing & Fundraising for Entrepreneurs — Part 1

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eBook: Financing & Fundraising for Entrepreneurs — Part 1

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