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    7 Financial KPIs The Board Expects Every CEO To Know

    As a CEO, it’s important to monitor the progress of your business. Outlining and focusing on financial key performance indicators (KPIs) helps...

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    Defining Your CAC: How Customer Acquisition Cost Impacts Your Business

    Have you truly considered the cost of acquiring a new customer? While you may keep an eye on how much it costs for your sales team to attend...

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    3 Customer Acquisition Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

    As a business owner, you understand the importance of bringing in new customers, but do you know the actual cost of acquiring those customers...

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    How to Build a Recurring Revenue Business Model: 4 Key Factors

    We all know that recurring revenue is the ideal revenue model for most companies. However, it’s often easier to sell incremental services to a...

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    3 Integral Factors For Measuring The Value Of Your Customers

    Your greatest business asset is not your concept, your marketing strategy, your funding, or even your employees. It’s your customers. Because...

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    Business Metrics – Measuring Your Customer Relationship ROI

    Attracting, engaging, and maintaining your customer base requires an investment of your time and resources. To increase your company’s...

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