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Preparing to Sell Your Business [Downloadable Checklist] 

To attract a good buyer and get a strong valuation when you are ready to sell your business, our checklist outlines 10 things business owners need to do long before they actively pursue an exit. 



Business & Financial

  • How to get a small-business loan under the Biden administration’s new PPP rules | Washington Post - New! 

    The Biden administration has announced a series of changes to the federal PPP program to ensure that more funding goes to SMB's. Most notably, companies with more than 20 employees will no longer be eligible to receive funds. 

  • Investor Complacency Could Soon Be Replaced By Primal Fear | Seeking Alpha
    The Coronavirus, and its future path, will be the single-most important factor in shaping the global economy for the next 18-24 months. Why are there so many individuals who are taking the seriousness of this pathogen so lightly?
  • Why the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time | The New York Times
    Fears are growing that the worldwide economic downturn could be especially deep and lengthy, with recovery limited by continued anxiety.

  • Start-Ups Are Pummeled in the ‘Great Unwinding’ | The New York Times
    Dozens have laid off thousands, slashed costs and changed their businesses to try to survive the pandemic. 

  • FTC: Coronavirus scams, Part 2 | Federal Trade Commission
    Here’s are the coronavirus scams you may encounter, and steps you can take to protect yourself, your personal information, and your wallet.

  • Business Continuity Plan | Department of Homeland Security
    This Department of Homeland Security website is full of resources for business continuity planning. Although this disaster is already in process, it’s still important to plan for the next one.

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