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Working with G-Squared Partners: The Benefits of an Outsourced CFO in New York

Successfully operating a business of considerable scale in New York demands considerable experience and strategic insight. Often, businesses get that leadership from a CFO, but unfortunately, the traditional full-time CFO model isn't perfect for every company.  

Depending on the size of your business and your exact needs, a part-time or outsourced CFO in New York might be a much better option.  

Many companies operate without a full-time or fractional CFO, a decision that can seriously hamper business growth. From poorly managed finances to struggles obtaining debt or equity financing, having a firm grip on your financial operations isn’t a luxury; it’s foundational to your business’s success. 

Let’s explore how the right financial partner can help streamline your firm’s finances and provide the stable foundation you need to maximize growth and optimize efficiency by looking at some real-life experiences clients have had with the G-Squared Partners team. 

Here at G-Squared Partners, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies, offering a wide range of financial services from outsourced accounting and bookkeeping to more advanced financial guidance through our outsourced CFO services. Whether you need strategic guidance during a turnaround or need a CFO's expertise on a fractional basis, G-Squared Partners has solutions designed for you. Schedule a call today to learn more. 

From Crisis to Stability: Turning Around a Struggling Company 

Around 50% of startups fail within the first five years of operation. While many factors contribute to this, a financial footing is a key driver of sustained success. At G-Squared Partners, we’ve helped put many startups on a path to financial stability. Here’s one example: 

A technology company based in New York faced an uncertain future. After the discovery of financial irregularities, key members of the accounting team had left the business and the company’s books were completely unusable. 

With working capital dwindling, insolvency looming, and the company’s future in question, the business’s leaders knew they needed help. They turned to the team at G-Squared Partners and our New York outsourced CFO services.


The Solution

G-Squared Partners immediately deployed our expert part-time CFO services for New York companies. They filled the critical gaps, working tirelessly to restore order to the company’s books. 

To support the business in turning around their fortunes, G-Squared Partners' accounting team centered their services around a focus on cash flow management, building forward-looking projections that helped the business better understand their financial position.   

G-Squared Partners implemented crucial strategies to stabilize operations, providing an essential lifeline for the firm’s struggling business. More importantly, though, G-Squared became a long-standing partner that the firm would work alongside for years to come. 

G-Squared: Fueling Growth and Expansion 

Growth can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, a firm's ambitions come to fruition and plans that had been laid out years in advance finally reach their goals. On the other hand, expansion often comes with growing pains, whether in terms of staffing, leadership, or, as is often the case, financial operations.  

A New York-based healthcare startup had a compelling business model. However, its growth plans outpaced its financial infrastructure. Lacking investor-ready financials and precise metrics, they were struggling to secure the capital they needed to scale successfully. The answer? Outsource to an expert CFO in New York through G-Squared Partners. 


Matching Growth with Expert Help

Here are a few ways that G-Squared Partners help this firm with outsourced accounting in New York: 

  • Unlocking Funding: G-Squared Partners leveraged existing relationships with lenders and investors in our network to facilitate introductions for both internal and external funding rounds. Our outsourced CFO then played a critical role in navigating this process and securing funding.

  • Systems for Success: G-Squared Partners designed transparent financial reporting systems tailored to the firm’s needs and unique industry placement. These systems offered a firm financial foundation for informed decision-making and increased investor confidence.  

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: the G-Squared Partners team also focused on developing meaningful financial KPIs that truly depicted the business’s financial position. This data-driven approach empowered the CEO to steer the company in the right direction. 

Planning a Successful Exit Strategy and Beyond

Planning to sell your business is a complex, time-consuming task. This process involves collaborating with trusted advisors to polish every aspect of your business, from financial statements to post-sale transition plans. Getting your house in order is vital if you want to attract the best offers and secure a lucrative exit. 

After years of growth, thanks in part to G-Squared Partners’ expert financial guidance, the healthcare firm discussed in the previous section began exploring its exit options. Knowing how complex and arduous this process can be, they leaned on G-Squared’s expert team of outsourced CFOs in New York and other financial professionals to help them make the most out of this significant transaction.  


Tailored Solutions for Your Exit Planning Needs

G-Squared Partners has worked with dozens of companies, ensuring smooth operations during the entire exit planning process. The first step was to shore up the company’s financials so that they’d be ready for the bright lights of the due diligence process. Our meticulous organization and attention to detail freed up the firm’s team to focus on daily operations. 

During negotiations, having a seasoned outsourced CFO representing the firm strengthened the healthcare business’s position. G-Squared Partner's market insights and deep understanding of the company’s operations ensured the business could secure the most favorable terms possible.  

Even after the final elements of the sale were completed, the firm’s relationship with G-Squared Partners continued. G-Squared provided invaluable support during the post-acquisition stage, helping integrate our client into the acquirer's financial infrastructure.  

Find the Right Financial Partner with G-Squared

Through crisis management, executing growth strategies, and preparing companies for successful exits, G-Squared Partners has proven itself time and time again as a valued provider of outsourced CFO services for New York companies. From stabilizing operations to securing optimal sales terms, our professionals adapt our expertise to meet your business's diverse needs.  

While we’re known for providing outsourced CFOs in New York, our list of financial services includes everything from accounting and bookkeeping to profit improvement and audit preparation. More than just vendors, the G-Squared Partners’ team becomes trusted partners, working hand-in-hand with your business to achieve your financial goals. If you’re ready to explore your options, contact the G-Squared Partners team today.